Monday, May 25, 2015

Healing your skin

          My skin is the best it's ever looked since I've hit puberty. But... I know the struggle with acne can be real. Real real real bad. But could it be real real real neutral? It’s like “I can’t be happy until this stuff goes away.” I wonder about my future pimples. I culminate on the one or two I have right now. I make my whole life revolve around the health of my skin. But what if there was another way? Compassion. It’s easy to abandon ourselves when everything’s going good with our skin because we just think “Hey, there’s nothing there to worry about. Let me just worry about something else. Let’s worry about my future pimples.” What about the girl behind the skin? What about the girl that needs love and attention? You. The future always comes. And it always disappoints. Because if right now we base our happiness on the conditions of the future, the conditions never measure up. How about having fewer expectations for our own happiness? How about having none. I love my future self even if that future self is covered in pimples. I love my skin right now because it does so much for me. There is so many functions of the skin. And if anyone judges my skin, it doesn't mean anything. Does it really mean anything? If I'm really focused on self-acceptance, I feel compassion for the girl in the mirror who faces some pain and judgement in her life. Just straight up raw compassion. And that's more important that the pimples on your face. I made marriage vows to myself from myself. One of the vows was to shower myself in love and affection every single day. Isn't that a nice vow? Stop the self hate.. appreciate. But remember, no matter what advice you get, the truth is in your own heart <3. 

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